Sunday, 17 December 2017

[YouTube / Raping while muslim: The good old days of spreading the fake god's religion by the sword, capturing Kuffar for use as sex slaves] IRAQI Shiite cleric sighs at the days of sex slaves in Islam - with English subtitles (Music Beauty)

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[YouTube / Oz / Mystery of Iniquity / Blasphemy against Jesus Christ - God's only begotten Son: 'The most heinous thing that a human tongue can ever utter is to say that the most merciful - that is allah - has begotten a son' / Flee from islam with its fake god, false prophet and lies and blasphemies against Jesus Christ - run for your life, and for your soul - islam will be destroyed by the God it mocks and blasphemes against] Do Australian Muslims want to BAN Christmas celebrations? (IREA Channel)

# IREA Channel

# Our politicians, 'human rights commissioners', universities and others protect and nurture this evil, blasphemous enterprise - denouncing opposition as 'islamophobia' - and seeking to punish those who speak against it - as the mystery of iniquity unfolds, darkness falls upon the planet, and the false religion and Beast 666 prepare for their short and bloody rule. Run, run for your life!

Revelation 3:20
Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
The Message of The Cross.

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[YouTube / Jerusalem / Zechariah 12 / Burdensome Stone / Cup of Trembling / Jesus Saviour / Redemption] News Hot | Burdensome Stone: Islamic Leaders Urge Jerusalem Recognition as 'Palestine's Capital' (News)

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[YouTube / USA / SCAIRmongering: 'Our nation has been tested by white supremacy and islamophobia' - but not by islamic terror-casting, because islam has been hijacked and islam means peace] Living Our Faith: Defending Freedom (CAIRSFBA)


[YouTube / Submission to the fake god and false prophet of islam - 2014] Bill Warner, PhD: Minimal Muslims (Political Islam)

# Political Islam

[YouTube / Jesus Saviour / Crucifixion / Resurrection / Redemption / Water of Life] EXPENSIVE GETAWAY (LONNIE MARTIN)


[YouTube / Oz / Mark of the Beast / Revelation / Redemption / Jesus Saviour] Australias Central Bank - Readying DIGITAL CURRENCY - Cyrptos Normalized (EverythingNewUnderThe Son)

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[YouTube / Submission: Playing into the hands of the fake god and its evil, antichrist religion] "Muslims are the new Jews!", Say Dutch Leftist Professors (Paul Nielsen)

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[YouTube / Once-great Britain / Islamophonia: 'Celebrating' a month of awareness of the Runnymede Trust's phony phobia as the fake god and its followers continue to cast terror by bombing, shooting, stabbing and driving into 'unbelievers'] IAM2017 Recap (Mend Community)

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[YouTube / War upon the Saints / Beast 666 / Jesus Saviour / Revelation / Redemption / Great Tribulation / Armageddon / Millennium] Will You Take the MARK of the BEAST? (The Watchman)

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[YouTube / Allah the Kuffar Slayer: Another follower of the fake god and false prophet debunks the fairy tale of 'no compulsion in religion' used to lull the Kuffar until Sura 8:12 comes their way] IRAQI Shiite cleric '' Al Mahdi will go on a killing spree when he comes out '' (Music Beauty)

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Saturday, 16 December 2017

[USA / Oklahoma / Islamokillia / Stabbing while muslim] BREAKING: Follower Of The Fake God Who Beheaded Woman At Food Plant Just Received American Justice

BREAKING: Muslim Man Who Beheaded Woman At Food Plant Just Received Harsh American Justice

Benny Johnson
... Judge Lori Walkley took a jury recommendation for the death penalty after months of deliberation. Nolen’s defense argued that he was mentally ill and that his readings of the Quran affected his ability to discern right from wrong. ...
More on the Kuffarcidal follower of the fake god and false prophet of islam at The Daily Caller

# Reading this may harm the ability to discern right from wrong, according to the defense:

[8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

[Once-great Britain: Islamophonia and fake news strikes the decaying nation as people make 9/11 plane-crash noises at soccer matches] Brexit vote sparks rise in the Runnymede Trust's phony phobia against muslim footballers at grass roots level - because of situations that have happened - such as the London and Manchester islamic terror attacks that had nothing to do with islam because islam means peace

# It was 'Brexit' - nothing to do with islam and islamic terror attacks - but the 9/11 plane-crash noises are still being made :)

Brexit vote sparks rise in Islamophobia against Muslim footballers at grass roots level

By Ashish Joshi, News Correspondent
Saturday 16 December 2017
.. He described some of the abuse that players of Muslim background have endured, including "mimicking the crashing of aeroplanes" - a reference to 9/11.

He said: "Why should people who are going to handshake before the game have to witness things like that? ...
More from the land where people have to witness muslims stabbing, shooting, bombing and driving into their victims - then to be denounced as 'islamophobes' - at Sky (news, apparently)

[YouTube / Canada / Moskerades: Uptick in anti-Kuffar sentiment strikes Montreal] Ezra Levant: Montreal Mosque orders women to "clear" the area (Rebel Media)

# Rebel Media - thanks to Bruce

[USA / Islamophonia / Deception: 'Salvation' through American muslim communities, instead of through Jesus Christ - and blaming Nixon for seeking to 'divide' America, or something] MPAC Bridges the Divide

MPAC Bridges the Divide

Friday, 15 December 2017
... “American Muslim communities and American immigrant communities are going to be our salvation,” declared Connie Rice, a leading civil rights attorney and co-director of the Advancement Project in Los Angeles.

Rev. Ed Bacon of All Saints Church of Pasadena called for more MPAC chapters. Prof. John Esposito of Georgetown University commented that Islamophobia has grown recently to a much higher level. ...
More 'salvation' through islam and immigration - with the usual fake news about the phony phobia - at WRMEA

Jesus Our Saviour